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About Us

FlowerMound.Net has been serving its residents since 2001. The domain name is registered in Flower Mound. Its servers are in Flower Mound. And it is run by residents who live and work in Flower Mound.

Even though its founder was not born here (but really, who here can say they were) she was born in Denton County and has lived in Flower Mound since 1992. But even before her birth, her family helped build this town. Her father had been building homes here since the 70s. And as a builder, he knew the effects of the SMARTgrowth plan. He helped finance this site during its early years as the new site had been created by an unemployed teenager. This was back before myspace and blogs, so while now everyone and their dog has a free website, this was a big deal during its launch.

Initially the site was created as a way for residents to share opinions of the town anonymously, since having your name published in a "Letter to the Editor' part of the local newspaper could result in denied permits, which would harm business. But mostly the site was created as a parody of as back in 2001, the official town site was very poorly designed for users. 1998-1999 1999-2003
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