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Bashin' Baze 04.04.01 (Read 1455 times)


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Bashin' Baze 04.04.01
Jan 13th, 2009 at 11:32pm
Who’s kidding whom?

Is our traffic any better? Has our one lane bridge been improved? Let’s all send a message to our neighbor and councilman Ted Baze.  Vote against DeLuca, Travis and Cook this Sat. 5/6/00.  We need to send him a true message and he will understand that he is next.

As a citizen he:

  1. Without a permit he cut down 5 trees in his own front yard.  (the tree trunks are still there)These trees were 14" to 18"av. caliper inch. If he had been a developer he would have been sued by the town based on the tree preservation ordinance.  He would have owed $500.00 per caliper inch or $40,000.00 and had to replant 10 times the caliper inch removed or 266 three inch trees.

As president of the Wichita Creek Home Owners Association he:

  1. Would not work with any one on the board, they all resigned in frustration. We had no checks and balances on anything he did. (Scary!!)
  2. As president his duties were to enforce our community covenants, conditions and restrictions. He refused to enforce Article VII, section 7
  3. He told his neighbors and friends in a Homeowners Association meeting in Dec. of 1997 that the bridge improvement on Wichita Trail would start as early as Feb. 98 and no later than 5/98.

As town councilman he:

  1. Forsake his neighbors and friends and the safety of our children by attaching another street project to our bridge improvement. This allowed them to immediately say that both projects were started.  It effectively stalled our previously approved bridge for another two years.  Now they are saying it will start in May (conveniently after the election).  What they are not telling us is the bridge would not start first.  The other part of Wichita Trail will start first and stall the bridge even longer.  The bridge is in such a state of disrepair they simply set out cones to make the bridge what, safer or even narrower to pass than before.

Let’s get back to doing what’s right, not who’s right.  Send Ted the message that he’s next.  Vote against DeLuca, Travis and Cook.  If left in office, I don’t believe we will ever get our bridge or other traffic improvements on a timely basis.  Let’s get the true representation we deserve.

~ R
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