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Ridiculous Rivals 04.04.01 (Read 1318 times)


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Ridiculous Rivals 04.04.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 9:35pm
Ever since the new high school, Flower Mound High, opened up, they have been in search of a rival. They decided on a school that was on the other side of town called Marcus High. What they did not realize was that Marcus already had a rival, Loserville. Marcus views FMHS as their sister school. It was created as an attempt to fix the over population at MHS. I, a Marcus Alumnus, would have gone to FMHS according to the borders, however did not due to it not being completed in time. Many Flower Mound High Schoolers were Marcus transfers once it was opened.

I am ashamed at the town of Flower Mound's school spirit. The town seems to be strickly a Jaguar town. Jaguar mercandise can be found at local grocery stores, but what about Marcus? Today's and past Marauders must get their school "junk" in their school's cafeteria. We also have to go as far as sneaking into Loserville Farmer territory and find stuff in sport stores. Parades used to always be held at MHS, now FMHS? Are we giving up the town to a bunch of outtastaters?!?

Marcus has served the community since the 80's. Wall Street Journal Texas Journal has named Marcus the second best value in public schools in the state. The study, comminsioned by the journal from SchoolMatch, an educational firm in Westerville, Ohio, ranked Marcus in the 94th percentile in pupil performance and the 22nd percentile in per-pupil expense. Marcus is surpassed only by West High School in West, Texas, which ranked in the 93rd percentile in performance, and 10th in expense. Marcus has given Flower Mound much fame, from being a Blue Ribbon school, to winning state, not just in football, but in many other sports as well. At national competition, the school's chior once came in second. That's the second best in the nation! What has FMHS ever done? Still, the town forgets the old Marcus building. I have seen it many times before. Lamar Middle School, after the opening of Brialhill is a good example. All the good teachers move to the new one, while the old is stuck with the sucky ones it had as well as new crappy transfers from other shotty schools. Also the school has to settle with outdated books, computers and other materials. Basically whenever a new school opens, the old one is abandoned and force to survive on its own. But I say the "Red Storm is Risin'!" The town needs to recognize that it has two great schools. FMHS is a beautiful school, but why should everything good be given to the richer side of town? I feel that both schools could equally be beautiful if they just shared the wealth. Even the Loserville High School building is in better shape than MHS's.~ N
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