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The Loserville Lag 04.04.01 (Read 1686 times)


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The Loserville Lag 04.04.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 9:48pm
The following statement is aimed at another town, but shares the same problem as Flower Mound, and that is traffic. Every day I have to go to Corinth via 1171 and and I am always late no matter how early I leave. The cause of the traffic is not the idle driver who is too into their conversation on their cell to pay attention to the light. It is the traffic lights themselves. I do not know what speed limit they are set to, ...if any. All I know is that I have to stop at each single one. Doesnt matter what speed limit you go, you still have to stop at each one.

I have even done a test on this. If youve ever honked at a speedy red car or ridiculously slow red car due to their wreckless driving, odds are, it was me. =) Ive tried the posted 45 MPH then 40 MPH after passing Parkers Square, still have to stop each time. I have illegally gone 60 MPH or more passed the new police station, ...still have to stop. I have gone way below the limit, still no use. I have discovered that I can get through a couple of them if going a constant speed of 50.

FM 1171 is a big busy street. A main street used by everyone. Thats why its called "Main Street." But both citys, Flower Mound and Loserville, seem to believe that this road is not important, and that all the little roads that give a need for the traffic lights should stop everyone.

Now, in most well ran towns, one should only have to stop at least once on a road such as this. And that time sitting at the red light is not wasted, but infact sets yourself up to go through the rest because THEY ARE TIMED CORRECTLY! Now, I know with the type of people both towns have in office, this would never be possible, but I believe that we should have to stop on this road at most one light per mile.


The biggest problem that Loserville has is that they have many many lights. The worse is every light east of LHS. I have spent precious minutes waiting through 3 lights before finally crossing a single intersection. These minutes can not be given back, and the traffic just gets worse further east. Because the lights are so bad, and space between intersections are so short it is impossible for cars turning into the street to get through the intersection. And if they cant turn into the lane, I sure cannot pull up. All they have to do is fix the timing on the lights and it saves communters 20 minutes. I have figured that the main problem causing light is the light after you cross the bridge. As soon as a light turns green, the next light in front of it turns red, which is the case for all the lights on 1171. If the light on the bridge would turn green when the others near it did, there would not be a hold up. The people sitting on the bridge would be able to get off allowing others in the intersections to pull up, as well as people turning onto 1171.~ N
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