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Fatal Flower Mound 04.04.01 (Read 5341 times)


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Fatal Flower Mound 04.04.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 10:19pm
This little article is about the farm-to-market road 2499. Many people have been injured and killed on this road. I, myself, have gotten into an accident here. Here, I will give you many examples of why this road is so deadly, and what our 'lovely' city is doing about it.

First, I will tell you about my little collision. It was caused by our wonderful properly-functioning traffic lights. A well-kept '88 red BMW convertible turning north from 1171 to 2499 collided with a blue chevy van headed west on 1171. This was caused because when you are making a left turn, and your light turns red, you automatically assumed the the other side will also stop, because normally both stop and allow the other two sides go. But here, their light continued being green as an attempt to help traffic, but being that the real traffic turns south on 2499 from 1171, there is a long line of turning cars which being that all these suburbanites own SUVs make it impossible for the little cars to see overhead. Now, we've all seen this turning lane, even when its not rush hour, we can clearly see how it backs up into the left non-turning lane. causing everyone who wants to go straight to switch lanes. So, he didn't see me, and I didnt see him. Idea to fix this problem: Fix the median so that it expands the turning lane.

Flower Mound's response to this: fixed the lights to only give my turning lane a green arrow every other turn. This helps by what? allowing more people to go straight on 1171?!? They want to turn onto 2499! And this? Well, this just makes my side risk more going into the intersection on an un-protected green to turn.

Fatal crash involving a Marcus High School Junior on North 2499... False: The speed limit where the crash occurred was reported 60MPH by Dallas Morning News Fact: The speed limit on North 2499 only reaches 60 after traveling past the first bridge. The speed limit of the crash site and area around it is 50MPH. According to my sources, the highschooler was attempting to pass another vehicle on a double-yellow-lined 2 laner using the shoulders, as I have seen many highschoolers try. The vehicle he was trying to pass was going above the limit. The passer realized the passee was not going to let him pass, lost control, and rolled into a far away tree. Flowers still surround the tree where the fatal crash occurred even after a year has past. This occurred at 8am which school starts 45 minutes later. Both cars were one mile from the school. No one would be late, and therefore, no reason to speed.

This year a Flower Mound High School student died in the intersection of 2499 and Sagebrush. She was traveling eastward on Sagebrush, while another Flower Mound High student was traveling North on 2499. The eastward girl reached in between the 2499 median, protected from any on-coming cars. The girl was hit by a speeding north go-er. The North go-er lost control and jumped the median, colliding with the other girl. Months have past, and flowers still remain at the scene.

Flower Mound's response to this: Sagebrush is now a right turn only lane, you can no longer go straight. And this helps how? Even if the girl didn't die there, if she did not even exist, and a south going car wanted to make a left turn from that median, than that person would have died too. No matter what direction the car came from, the accident would still have occurred, for the north go-er was high. Now, If I were the town, and I wanted to make things more complicated for the safety of everyone, I would have installed a signal light. But even then, would the high child stop? We'll never know. And as for the FMPD, well, tests were never given to the high girl, and therefore cannot be proven in the courts.

Plans to reduce 2499's speed limit 5 MPH lower is underway. This would not of saved the other teenager. For he would have still tried to speed his way around.

Many many more wrecks have been caused on this road. A cement truck flipped over on the first bridge headed south. Many wreaks around the Marcus High School have occurred due to school letting out. Idea: install traffic lights. Keeping in mind that all Flower Mound lights should be coordinated. That is, not having to stop at every single freakin' one! I mean, do we really want to imitate Loserville?~ N
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