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Sarcastic Letter To The Mayor #3 05.27.01 (Read 1579 times)


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Sarcastic Letter To The Mayor #3 05.27.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 10:45pm
Dear Lori DeLuca,

It is hard to believe the information that is on the new web sites these days.  Once again, I need to thank you for being our mayor. Your vision in bringing back our old city manager (Van James) is another showing of your allegiance with no growth.  Again, we must think alike.

Van James is possibly the only reason you were ever elected and I know his increased salary (when he was brought back) was indeed a personal thank you.   Van James single handedly manipulated and postured situations in the early and mid-90’s that forced the common people to think they needed you for mayor.

I also wish to thank Van James for his early efforts for non-growth for Flower Mound. Without him, Flower Mound would have never needed to hear the term Smart Growth. From his beginning, I always appreciated his arrogance and the "better than thou" attitude he always showed the builders, developers and business people of Flower Mound.

He realized that in 1991 Grapevine and the state of Texas had a 6 lane high way built through our front door called 2499.  With Grapevine building out quickly in terms of volume builders and most custom builders going to South Lake, he had to do something quickly.  Flower Mound was begging builders to come and finish out several subdivisions that had been left bankrupt in the late 80’s.  That along with cheap fed. (RTC) land for developers to produce economical lots would fuel the growth.

I am sure you know, but anyone can check the records and find almost every new subdivision approved prior to his leaving Flower Mound, had Van James's staff recommendation for approval.  He knew what was going on but couldn’t stop the obvious.  Here is his genius and what you must have recognized as why he was brought back.  He did not know how or want to manage the growth, which he recommended to the town.  To force his no growth ideas on an unsuspecting town, he simply manipulated the numbers.

Van James projected only a guestiment of 50% of the known growth indicators.  By not adjusting those numbers for their short fall (for three years) left the town three years behind on everything.  Who used his numbers?

   The FED. For matching funds on certain projects
   The Lewisville School District for number of new kids
   The State for transportation and road way funds.

Hence come the towns over crowding of the schools and streets.  We could only mustard portable buildings for the schools short fall and a four lane 2499 where Grapevine justified their portion of a 6-lane prior.

Again I must thank him for showing his no growth brilliance.  He wanted the developers impact fee’s to increase the cities bank account (making his resume look better) with out the builders bringing in all those little ants and grasshoppers.  Once again he manipulated the numbers for sewer and water.  This forced the town to curtail permits.  The emergency did not unfold and his numbers began being questioned.  How dare they question him! They had no idea he was just setting up our now no growth philosophy.

Van James must have known that the projection of South Lake would have them built out by the early 2000’s.  He had tried to get previous councils to annex the West Side of the town to stop the growth from coming in that direction.  He could not get that accomplished after his numbers were questioned.  He then grabbed his resume to left town.

He is truly the common denominator in our no growth.  Prior to his coming to Flower Mound, he was at that city for 2 years.  He left Flower Mound for 2 years.  I can only assume his genius once again comes to the surface. He left two cities because they were not naive enough to except his no growth ideas.  He left Flower Mound because his numbers were actually being questioned and resistance started against his no growth.  He came back to a new council that was naive enough to except his policies and numbers with unquestionable abandonment.

You are truly inspirational in you efforts to get Van James back.  By his trying to impose no growth, he had to leave each city in true turmoil, while at the same time, increasing his personal income.  His yearly income increased to come to Flower Mound.  He received more money when he left Flower Mound for Colorado.  Then, you were able to get him back with him making even more money.  Both your and Van James’s efforts were great in convincing the town there was "no way anyone could have predicted the phenomenal growth which Flower Mound had under gone." Your greatness once again shows through.  We both know that only one man had the bigger picture and I personally want to thank Van James for his manipulation of the situation.

My only recommendation to you is to watch your back.  His only common denominators are pressure from the public and more money.  No action by him for your road improvements may cost you it the next election, but that is what he deems necessary to continue the no growth. Our next mayor may not be as great as you may.  The next mayor might bring Van James under control and he will surely leave.  If you look, you will probably find that a 10 year span where he has had 3 jobs.  3 1/3 years average tenure per job is a terrible resume effort compared to the typical civil servant town manager in the area.

Lori, Van James definitely thinks as do we.  No Growth is the only way.  It is easy to see why you needed him back and why you compensated him accordingly.  Your plausible deniability is still intact with Van James on the job.  He is indeed a jewel in your mayoral crown.  Again thank you for being our mayor and for your no growth hidden agenda. ~ R
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