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Sarcastic Letter To The Mayor #2 05.27.01 (Read 1576 times)


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Sarcastic Letter To The Mayor #2 05.27.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 10:46pm
Dear Ms. DeLuca,

Thank you for being our mayor.  You are truly a city official that thinks exactly as I do.  I totally agree with what you have accomplished.  In the future, those ants and grasshopper will stop moving into all those little houses.  Lord only knows where they all came from.  They try to create their own environments and bootleg off of our heritage.  I've felt like you ever since I moved here in 1992.

    Ms. DeLuca, I am humbled by the process you took pulling off a no growth plan and selling it as smart growth.  That was sheer political genius.   Knowing it will take 5 years for studies and approvals to get any changes to any new residential developments, leaves only 2-acre lots.  Based on cost for a two-acre lot, forces builders to produce only $500,000.00 homes.  This leaves our town to only the rich, the way we want it.  You are truly our type of people.

    Your knowledge that only 3% of the metroplex real estate market being in the $500,000.00 range changes our options for the future.  If builders all move up in price, the market not being there will flood our town with empty high priced homes.  This will give us a chance to pick larger homes at a discount price (probably from the lender that will have to take them back).  You and I will have the opportunity to get the home we deserve rather than being  forced to live in what we now afford.

    Ms. DeLuca, the way you personally stopped our future growth was truly amazing.  Overlaying the zoning to force the Landowners to abide, is a masterpiece.  Those farmers and rancher should have sold their land when it was cheap, like every one else did.  They would have only decided to sell when the inflated land appraisals force their taxes to the point they no longer could stand it.  Now, when that time comes, there won't be any buyers based on to many 2-acre, $500,000.00 homes.  Only a great person such as you could have manipulated some of our original landowners to a point of total controlling  their land.  I admire the way you only gave the land owner's sniveling, whimpering, negative arguments the same weight as one of those ants living in one of those little homes.  Politically that gave you support from all the ants and still getting what you wanted.  I do not know what you did before you became mayor, but what a spectacular sales person you are.  Land going up for sale to satisfy taxes can only benefit our town (people like you and I).

    When we lose the impact fees from developers and builders, we should put up tollbooths.  We should charge outsiders to pay to use public streets getting to and from work.  We can charge for them not only to enter, but also  to leave our town.  This will force them to go around or augment the money from builder/developer impact fees.  I know this will probably facilitate many law suite, but what do we care.  You can keep those out of court for at least 10 years and if we loose, let the ants pay.  We'll have what we want. Forgive me, I know this is already on your agenda, because we obviously think alike.

    Ms. DeLuca, don't get frustrated if you hear any Dallas Commercial Real Estate brokers and developers refer to Flower Mound as "DeLucaville." That should only be done out of  respect.  I personally think we should start a grass routes effort to change the town's name to "Lori Land."  This would give you the honor you so  deserve and send  our message to the world.  "DO NOT COME TO OUR TOWN"  They need to leave us alone, the way you want.

Again, I can not thank you enough.  ~ R
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