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Sarcastic Letter To The Mayor #1 05.27.01 (Read 1232 times)


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Sarcastic Letter To The Mayor #1 05.27.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 10:48pm
Dear Lori DeLuca,

    I once again have to stop and thank you for you're no growth plan.  What you have done recently without the public's knowledge is truly amazing.  Your thought of even $500,000.00 homes as  not being palatable, is great.  While appearing to embrace the upper end homes with smart growth, you were effectively slowing their present day existence with your manipulation of capital improvements.  I admire the obvious control you have over Councilman Ted Baze.  To get him to forsake his neighbors and friends in Wichita Creek Estates, Point Noble, the Landing and all constituents west, is a masterpiece of political dancing.

    Lori, we need more people like you and I, to complete our no growth philosophy.  Your sheer act of attaching a non related capital improvement project to the already approved unsafe one lane bridge project on Wichita Trail should take the wind out of a lot of builders sails.  Only someone with your intelligence could have pulled off this stalling tactic so gracefully.  Thank you.

    By attaching another project to the approved unsafe one-lane bridge immediately meant the other project was instantly started and the unsafe bridge put on hold for 1 ˝ years.  How you were able to get the timing down is a miracle.  The bridge should have already been complete, based on the original information Ted Baze gave his constituents.  I applaud you on the way you were able to stall it.  Timing is everything.  To arrange to have construction of the bridge to start in conjunction with when Emerald Bay’s builders complete their $500,000.00 models is genius.

    Only the great sale person that you are could understand that the $500,000.00 homes in Emerald Bay can never be successful with their market window a one-lane bridge.  It would not keep a good supply of traffic (potential  buyers).  Most buyers would go elsewhere.  But, now to shut down even the one lane to start the improvements at the time the builders typically would be having their grand opening's only proves we think alike.  Although I must admit, even I missed this one at first.

    I would not have figured that even you could get Ted Baze to forsake his neighbors knowing their kids have to ride school buses that use the unsafe bridge.  Just because the ants and grasshoppers that live in Wichita Creek Estates, Point Noble, The Landing pay their taxes and fought for six years for the bridge and the fact the developer paid the required road impact fees does not give them any right for  timely improvements, even though the improvements had been approved and scheduled to start.

    Ms. DeLuca, we indeed think alike.  I want everyone to know that with you in office, just because it‘s approved and scheduled doesn‘t mean we have to do it on any given time table even if it‘s unsafe.  I can rest easier knowing that you will make even the higher priced homebuilders suffer to build in our town.  Your no growth plan is beginning to take affect.

    To have accomplished the above and camouflaged it by filing for re-election is another act of political genius.  Your statement that "during you tenure you have started more road and bridge improvements than any time in Flower Mound’s history"  should keep the ants and grasshopper’s supporting you for a long time.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them.  This is only to thank you and to inform those people (like you and I) who really understand, that you will do what ever it takes, even at the expense of safety.

     With your permission I would like to coin your political powers as being SMART.

S  Scam
M  the Media
A  and Avoid
R  Reality
T  Today

Flower Mound’s little ants and grasshoppers living in their little houses will never catch on to what we really want to do.  Once again I thank you for being our mayor.  It is a great feeling to know you are truly in total control.  ~ R
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