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Dumb Growth 06.14.01 (Read 1362 times)


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Dumb Growth 06.14.01
Jan 14th, 2009 at 11:08pm
We have been begging for this for decades. Now during this new century, they are finally getting started. The town has been against this ever since the formation of Voters United. We can have Smart Growth by not having any at all. Well, realizing that the majority of the town felt different about this, the ones that had power thought of this great idea. "How about we do FULL growth in the town? This will piss the people enough to understand that growth is evil, and change their mind about changing the towns look." So they dug up 1171, 3040, 407, and Wichita Trail and made it difficult on everyone.

1171 Suppose to be a 4 laned concrete road in the future, caused everyone to be late for work/school. Why? they had to dig up and patch up the road with asphalt because it wasn't near bumpy enough. Thankfully they repaved it making it a beautiful asphalt road.

3040 They are finally repairing what should have been fixed 10 years ago. Even though less potholes are seen, it is bumpier than ever. This road is suppose to be a 6 laned concrete road. But all I see is more 'drive-arounds' that were created NOT BY THE TOWN, but by vehicles annoyed at FM traffic. Town paves them, town gets credit. They cause road rage not only with the infamous lights, but the construction workers themselves. Flag people with no radio contact, how in the world are they suppose to know when the other lane is moving? I have sat parked seeing that they stopped us to allow others to pass, yet do I see anyone go by? It seems to me, that they only start allowing them to go once I honk. Trackers are another problem. You go 10 miles an hour, not allowing anyone to pass. You're a tractor for god sake! Use your brain and be nice for once in your life! Drive beside the roads! And the number 1 suggestion to give these idiots... ...6 lane road... ...there's plenty of land. Start working on future lanes, the ones that do not exist yet. That way we wont have to put up with the one lane problem. Plus, once those lanes are finish, you can allow us to drive on them when you dig up the old ones and start on the other side!

Wichita Trail Instead of doing it section by section, they are doing all of it. Turning it into one lane. There are even treats of traffic tickets if you drive westward. If you live there, tough luck, not even a passport could get you in again. This road is suppose to become straight by the creation of a new bridge with locals have been fighting for for decades. However they dug up part of the road that curves into the old bridge, suggesting the idea that they plan to pave it curved with concrete. Now, the logical thing would be to dig up the road making it straight, THEN curve it with temporary asphalt connecting it to the old bridge while the new one begins construction. But no! This is Flower Mound! 407 Plans to make it a 4 laned concrete road. An annoyance to drive through, but this is the one road that was actually had thought put involved. 1171 east of 2499 was done this way back in the early early 90's.

If you know what works, why do things the hard way? Why make the residence annoyed? Conspiracy theory #1 claims that this is all a scheme to get us to hate developers. Well, I don't know about you DeLuca, but I like the idea of not having to go to Loserville for gas and groceries like my family had to do when we moved here. Why should we help their economy? Why not help ours? It would save gasoline, that's for sure. Not to mention it would lower taxes. By pissing off registered voters, you are just asking to not be re-elected. Wouldn't it be easier to get yourself re-elected by having the town believe that YOU brought us paved roads to protect our cars. You brought us business so that we don't have to drive to Lewisville. And YOU lowered taxes thanks to local business. Don't make yourself an enemy. Make yourself a hero.

Conspiracy #2 - You idea is to create an amish paradise, but you see that evil outtastaters are moving here. What to do? You could make it so difficult for them to move here by making it difficult for developers to create new homes. You could also make the environment so unbearable to live here (water, phone, electricity and transportation problems) that they would rather move some where else. Well this may work, but then you realized something else. Neighboring towns are causing traffic because this is the only way for them to access DFW. And with the future Lantana, I'm sure it will be worse. So what to do? create all these traffic problems caused by construction that they will be forced to find an alternate route. ~ N
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