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Wellington Strikes Again! 08.08.03 (Read 1599 times)


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Wellington Strikes Again! 08.08.03
Jan 15th, 2009 at 8:01pm
Once upon a time there was a nice quite peaceful country side road where we could gain access to eastern Flower Mound. Being that the majority of importance is located in eastern Flower Mound and outside, this road was extremely useful. Then Wellington came along. They dug up the road, and made it all windy, curvy, with 50 stop signs. And then, they disliked us using the road.

Recently they paved Skillern into a straight asphalt road. They did this mostly for Liberty Elementary. This was extremely beneficial. This way we could use this road, take Quail Run, Bruton Oran, then 1171. We wouldn't be cutting through neighborhoods getting all upset, and having other people upset at us because their builder never told them how important their street was to us.

But now Wellington has found a way to piss us all off once again. They took their Flower Mound Rd (which never was theirs to begin with) and stretched it connecting it to Skillern. But in order to do this they had to dig up the new Skillern road and turn it into dirt. All that money wasted just for one school year. Now we have 4 additional sharp turns to make instead of zero. Which is just like all those other roads Wellington messed with. Soon people will build houses off that street, and get all upset just because they're from out of state they have more right to use the road than we do, and therefore shouldn't be caught dead on it.
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