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Asphalt 2499 02.26.07 (Read 1686 times)


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Asphalt 2499 02.26.07
Jan 15th, 2009 at 8:14pm
Ok, I don't know why this is so difficult to understand, but the southern portion of asphalt 2499, has been 45mph (just like almost ALL of the cement 2499) and still IS 45mph. But northbound traffic, after letting every idiot who went straight in a turn only in front of them, will then immediately floor it to 55+ This road bends, and has A LOT of trees. This means that residential neighborhoods, who already have a tough time getting onto this road cannot see motorists until brakes have been slammed, and horn and finger gestures have been made. What is sad is due to the other drivers speed, NEITHER driver could see them in time to react appropriately. What is even worse, is the fact that after driving 55+ in a 45, the speed limit then raises to 55 (which used to be 60 a couple years ago.) So, now in an environment where 55 is safe and legal, they start driving 45mph.

The same exact annoying behavior occurs going southbound. The only thing worse than being stuck driving 45mph, in a 55, is when the driver suddenly decides to floor it to 55, AFTER the speed limit finally lowers! The 45 ends/50 begins at Corporate. Next time you're southbound notice how suddenly everyone starts driving faster on the first bridge past the 45mph sign. That's exactly where the road bends and look to see if you can see anyone waiting to turn out of those neighborhoods... ...They can't see you either. (sight distance is much worse northbound)

And people EXPECT you to have this driving behavior too. That's why they tailgate you when you're northbound driving 50 in a 45 (speeding but still not fast enough for them) and when its legal to go 55, you accelerate, and not only do they back off, but they're now 300 ft away from you , and they won't catch up unless theirs a light. And when you're southbound they give you plenty of room when you're forced to drive 45 in a 55, but as the 45mph sign appears, that's the very second they start to tailgate you.
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