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Drive Friendly Flower Mound (Read 2094 times)


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Drive Friendly Flower Mound
Apr 17th, 2009 at 3:16pm
I plan on entering my car in the car show that they are having at the Wild About Flower Mound Festival. I decided to bring along a photo of what my car looked like stock, 9 years ago, parked next to the mound, on a gravel road, and with the monument much lower to the vehicle's ground level than it is today. (Meaning that it was taken before construction of the 6 lane 3040, back when it was a two lane farm-to-market road. Reminiscing about how driving was like back then, I remembered the old Drive Friendly Flower Mound campaign they had back then. On December 16, 2000 and May 12, 2001 several residents took an oath to drive "friendly" and received a free antenna ball with the campaigns logo and colors (green with flower on it that has a smiley face) over 2,000 residents signed this oath, including yours truly. I decided how cool would it be to display the antenna ball at the show, but then I wonder if anyone would recognize the logo or even heard of the campaign. After all, that was 8 years ago.


The only traces of the campaign is the sign when exiting the library and this site: http://www.flower-mound.com/drive/index.html As you can see by the site, it was during a time when a 800x600 resolution was the norm.

The Drive Friendly Flower Mound Campaign is a coalition of Flower Mound parents, residents, and Town officials concerned about driving safety in our community. The mission is to improve driving safety throughout the Town by raising awareness of traffic laws, increasing motoring skills and encouraging courteous driving.

The Pledge

"I understand that my life and well being, as well as the safety of others is in my hands. Therefore, I promise to not drive aggressively, focus my full attention on driving, and obey all traffic laws. I promise to Drive Friendly."

This was during a time when most drivers didnt have cell phones, and those who did, didnt use them while driving, and weren't capable of texting. Ipods didnt exist yet, and PDAs were rare. Back then unsafe driving typically meant you were drunk, high, looking at passengers or scenery, was having a bad day, or you really were just a jerk who thought you owned the road. During this time everyone traded in their cars for SUVs, which obviously lead to the need of this campaign.

I feel that now since we live in a world of distractions, traffic, road rage, and truly messed up priorities, this campaign needs to return to the community! Drugs, alcohol, cell phone, texting, ipods, and SUV use have increase so much over the years that we really need the awareness.
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