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Almost helped someone, but then decided... ...meh (Read 4953 times)
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Almost helped someone, but then decided... ...meh
Mar 3rd, 2011 at 12:49am
So Im riding in the car with my husband. He notices a gas cap sitting in the median turning lane. He then says, well that must suck. A few blocks away we then notice a slow moving car who is constantly braking, and drifting in and out of her lane. I then notice that her fuel door is wide open and and wonder "wouldnt it be funny if that cap was hers?" Most modern vehicles have these things permanently attached to prevent such an event from occurring.

Anyway, despite how slow she was going, and the danger involved in being around a person like that, naturally everyone matches speed with her (two additional lanes) which prevents me from checking. At a traffic light I was finally able to see. Sure enough no cap!!! I was going to tell her, but then I figured out why she was all over the road and driving so slow... ...she was on her cell phone!!! And I was raised not to bother someone while they are on the phone. She was probably on it while fueling up which was why her fuel door was open, and gas cap missing. My guess is, she left it on her roof, and it flew off while driving.

I dont understand some people. Even if someone called me while I was filling up, I would just finish the conversation there. If someone is waiting on me, Id just pull up, let them have my space, then finish the call. Ive seen streets backed up due to a series of people waiting for someone to back out. Because they are glued to their phone, they take forever to back out and leave. If it were me backing up, no one would wait! Even if my entire car was pulled out! Even my mom does this! I dont get it, youre parked, no ones waiting for you, why back out if you need to call someone?
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