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Traffic Enforcement Program Provides Flower Mound Residents With Traffic Safety (Read 8382 times)


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Traffic Enforcement Program Provides Flower Mound Residents With Traffic Safety
Mar 3rd, 2011 at 1:57am
Found this on the towns website. This is VERY interesting.


Traffic Enforcement Program Provides Flower Mound Residents With an Array of Safety Benefits

Traffic enforcement is one of the most visible and beneficial services a police department provides to a community. In addition to making the streets safer for motorists, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, a proactive traffic enforcement program contributes to the overall safety of a community on a variety of levels.

The average American is more likely to be involved in a traffic crash than be a victim of a crime. According to national statistics, there is one fatality crash every 12 minutes, one injury crash every 11 seconds, one reported crash every 5 seconds, and one property damage crash every 7 seconds. Everyone pays for traffic crashes and the economic costs are significantly more than crime.  Crashes cost Americans $164.2 billion annually, while violent crimes and property crimes cost Americans $16.1 billion annually.

The Flower Mound Police Department operates a fulltime traffic enforcement unit comprised of six officers and a sergeant. The group is responsible for traffic enforcement and accident investigation. There were 746 reported crashes in Flower Mound in 2009, 146 of them involved injuries and six involved fatalities.

Wow, so really only 6 patrolling. This may be why you can witness traffic violations happening right in front of an officer, and nothing happens. Its not that safety was an issue, its that they are focused on other important things, like burglaries and such.

A common misconception about traffic enforcement is that police officers excessively enforce speeding laws. It is accurate that one of the most common and dangerous infractions the unit must address on a daily basis is vehicular speeding. The offense contributes to an estimated 21 percent of all fatal car crashes nationally, and 88 percent of all speeding-related fatalities in 2008 occurred on local roads.

While speeding is a serious violation that warrants enforcement, recently released statistics indicate that it does not receive a disproportionate amount of resource allocation when compared to other traffic offenses. The Flower Mound Police Department issued approximately 26,000 traffic citations between January 2009 and August 2010. Of those citations issued, only 42 percent were for speeding. In addition, the average speeding citation in Flower Mound was issued for 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, well above the threshold that officers can legally enforce.  

Wow, so if we have 70k people living here, and if only ONE citation was given to FM residents ONLY, that would make up about 37% of the town who violated the law, putting our safety and property at risk! Sure thats 19 months, not a year, but still, thats more than third of the population!

Two additional myths about traffic enforcement are that officers are encouraged to write tickets as a revenue generator for the town and they unfairly target the community’s youth. The Flower Mound Police Department conducted 49,055 traffic stops between January 2009 and August 2010. Of those stops, only 37 percent resulted in citations being issued, and approximately 3 percent resulted in citations issued to juveniles.

So this town is even more dangerous! 37%? Wow, thats awful nice of them to just let people go with a warning. I know people who have been ticketed in FM for having a tail light out, or no front plate, so this one really was a shocker to me. So again, if you assumed that only traffic stops were given out to FM residents (which yeah, I know theyre not) and if only one stop was performed per person, that would mean that in just this 19 month period HALF the town was in violation?!? Seriously?!? I knew half the people in this town cant drive, but never had statistical proof! Wow thats bad! We need some sort of driving awareness day, or re-instate "Drive Friendly in Flower Mound." And thats just with 6 dedicated officers! They cant be everywhere and all throughout the day and night! With 49k stops, they barely made a dent. That sad! It is clear that this is a huge problem and needs to be dealt with, not by more enforcement, but with our own selves.

As far as juveniles go, they only mention how many were ticketed, not how many were pulled over. If we have to pay taxes to keep kids off drugs and alcohol, then its worth it.

And with generating revenue, you say its a myth, but dont support your claim. I am very much interested in where the money goes.  

In addition to enforcement, traffic officers perform a myriad of safety-related services, including addressing drivers who operate vehicles in an erratic, reckless, careless, or negligent manner and removing impaired drivers from the road. National Alcohol-Related Fatal and Injury Crash statistics indicate that 41% of all fatal crashes and 9% of all injury crashes are alcohol related. In 2009, Flower Mound police officers made 216 DWI arrests and 40 DUI minor arrests.

How many were pulled over in suspicion? Its fairly easy to hang up the phone once the sirens turned on... ...because yeah, youre not going to notice the lights.

In addition, traffic enforcement also regularly identifies criminals who are in the process of other crimes or have outstanding warrants. Traffic stops in Flower Mound resulted in the apprehension of 617 criminals in 2009 and another 535 arrests between January and August 2010. Drugs, weapons, contraband, fugitives, and criminals are frequently found in vehicles and removed from the community during “routine” traffic stops.

A Flower Mound officer recently initiated a traffic stop due to observing an expired inspection sticker. The subject had in his vehicle several driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, books of checks, and invoices which belonged to various individuals. The individual also had a laminator, a printer, a computer, and the means to steal more than 40 different individual’s identities. He was arrested for fraudulent use of identifying information.

Unfortunately, that was not an isolated case. In one recent incident, a Flower Mound officer stopped a vehicle in which the occupant possessed more than six grams of heroin. Another traffic stop resulted in the arrest of both occupants for possession of marijuana and a suitcase full of drug paraphernalia, and a different incident resulted in a burglary arrest after officers located stolen goods in the vehicle.

While a proactive traffic enforcement program may be inconvenient for some motorists, the overall safety benefits provided to the entire community far outweigh the unintended minor nuisances some motorists may experience. Reducing vehicular accidents, identifying serious criminals, removing illegal substances and contraband from the community, and saving lives are all rewards of an organized traffic enforcement program.

Agreed, they must enforce minor violations because sometimes its the only way they can search vehicles. Job well done. Get those criminals off our streets and out of our town!

So heres the Cliff Notes version for ya:

In 2009
726 reported crashes - Thats 2 a day!
146 involved injuries
6 resulted in deaths
216 DWI arrests
40 DUI minor arrests
617 criminal arrests

Jan-Aug 2010
535 criminal arrests

19 months 2009-2010
49,055 traffic stops
26,000 traffic citations
37% resulted in citations
3% resulted in citations for juveniles
42% of citations were for speeding
15mph was the average over
1152 criminal arrests
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Re: Traffic Enforcement Program Provides Flower Mound Residents With Traffic Safety
Reply #1 - Mar 7th, 2011 at 2:53am
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Re: Traffic Enforcement Program Provides Flower Mound Residents With Traffic Safety
Reply #2 - Feb 20th, 2012 at 1:11am
Thank you for sharing it here. I gained something from your post.
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